• 2 DAYS RESERVATION ONLY (Starting from the invoice date)



  • METRO MANILA - Php 60

  • PROVINCIAL - Php 140


* Only pay 1 shipping fee for multiple items.


Metro Manila: via Quicktime Courier Express

  • We do not guarantee door-to-door delivery for condominiums, malls, buildings, hard to reach (not passable) and any other uncommon addresses. This is due to limitations for delivery like entry restrictions, parking constraints etc. Instead, the courier will do their best to contact you in advance and schedule the most convenient place for delivery (e.g. meet in the lobby etc.).

Provincial: via LBC Express

  • You can choose to have your packages shipped door-to-door or pick-up at any LBC branches nationwide.



TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS (except holidays)


  • Cut-off of sending payment receipt for Tuesday shipment: SUNDAY (5:00 PM) *

  • Cut-off of sending payment receipt for Friday shipment: WEDNESDAY (5:00 PM) *


* Any changes will be reflected in the actual order form.




  • METRO MANILA: 2-3 working days *

  • PROVINCIAL: 6-7 working days *


* Excluding Sundays & Holidays



Tracking numbers will be sent to your email the next day after shipment.


  • BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island)

    • For BPI fund transfer payments, please provide the account name used for us to be able to verify the transaction.

  • BDO (Banco de Oro)

  • Globe (GCash)

    • Cash into others payment only. NO remittance. Payment should be directly credited to our GCash account.

    • For GCash app users, look for the option “Send Money” then choose “Express”.

    • For GCash payments without reference numbers, we will be requiring the following details to confirm the transaction: exact date and time of transaction, establishment name and location, amount, valid reference number (if available).





For the list of branches, please click this link.

  • Prices and promos in stores and online platforms may vary.







Are the lenses of your items replaceable?

  • Sunglasses or Sunnies – not replaceable

  • Specs – replaceable


What is a Versairy™ frame?

  • Versairy™ frame is made of ultralight flexible TR90 material. This type of frame is more bendable, flexible, formable and lighter than the normal frame material.

What is a Con-Strain™ lens?

  • Con-Strain™ lens is equipped with anti-radiation, anti-fatigue, anti-stress and blue light protection that will help you keep going for hours of studying and working using different digital devices (smartphones, tablets, computers and other digital screens). It helps prevents headaches, dry eyes, digital eye strains and blurred visions by blocking the blue light emitted by digital devices.

I went to an optical shop and they told me that your frame is not replaceable, what should I do?

  From experience, here are the common reasons of some optical shops so you will choose to buy their frames:

  • The frame has no screw.

    • If the frame has no screw, you just have to pop-out or push the lens out of the frame.

  • The frame will easily break, will rust, and other discouraging remarks.

    • You can just inform them to proceed with the replacement using your frame.

  • They do not accept lens replacement for frames that are not purchased from them.

    • For this case, try other optical shops. Normally, they will just let you sign a waiver stating that they are not liable for any damages to the frame while they are handling it.

IMPORTANT: Please take note that usability of frames (lifespan) will still depend on how you handle your eyewear. We know the quality of our frames, it will surely last long if it will be used properly and be taken care of.


Do you have any resellers / wholesalers?

  • We do not have any authorized resellers / wholesalers, and we do not accept any. To ensure transactions are legit and valid, please contact us directly thru our official social media accounts posted above.

Why physical store price is different from online?

  • Prices and promos may vary for each platform and stores due to operational requirements.

Are all items available in physical stores?

  • We always do our best to restock timely and as much as we can on all our physical stores. However, there will still be some items that are not available or sold out fast depending on the number of buyers daily. Normally, it is a first come first served basis in our physical stores. To confirm the actual stocks availability, we suggest contacting the store directly thru their available contact number or social media platforms.

  • Our main branch – MetroSunnies Maginhawa is the store we can assure to always have full stocks.

Do you accept rush orders?

  • No. Preparing customer orders takes time. We cannot rush the whole process (taking the stocks from warehouse, QA check and packing) as this may also compromise the quality of the item to be shipped. We also need to take into consideration the transit time of the courier. Transit time is the time between the pick-up from seller’s location and arrival to customer’s address. This may take longer than usual (delayed) if there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Can I reserve the item/s without order form?

  • No. Order form is required to ensure we have allocated stocks for you. This is the step where our customer representative can check if the items submitted on the order form still have stocks. It will prevent customers on paying items that our already out of stock.

How long can I reserve the item?

  • Reservation period is 2 days, starting from the time we provided the invoice.

Can I have a longer reservation time?

  • We only have limited stocks and we want to ensure that customers are serious on buying once they reserve the item. Non-payment after the reservation period means order is automatically cancelled and items are free-up for other customers. We understand any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies; we appreciate if we will be informed for possible adjustment.

Do you ship nationwide?

What is the tracking number?

  • Tracking number is the courier code included on the waybill of the package. This code is used to know the status of the package. Updates can be viewed in the courier’s website and are normally available 24 hours after the shipment date.

I have not received my order yet, when can I receive it?

  • Delays do happen even if the packages were shipped on time. There are many contributing factors for the delays such as: unlocated address, unknown consignee, house closed, etc. If this happens and you have not yet received your package within the estimated time we provided, kindly message us the next day for follow-up. We always help our customers to follow-up the package to the courier until the package is delivered.  Rest assured we communicate these follow-ups daily (and as often as we can) to our courier. We will greatly appreciate if customers will coordinate to us properly, calmly and not panicky.

Banks are closed during weekends and holidays, how can I pay?

  • Normally, banks are closed during weekends and holidays. If you cannot make the payment during these times, please do not submit the order form yet, and wait until the time you can make the payment. As an alternative, you can also pay via mobile transfer, online banking, or Globe GCash (at any Globe Outlet Stores or GCash mobile app).

Is there any additional payment on top of the invoice?

  • Some banks and payment centers (for Globe GCash) have service charge. The amount varies from different banks and payment centers, as this depends on their own requirements. Please take note that this service charge will not be credited on our account, this is your payment to the bank or payment center for their service. To know the amount of service charge you need to pay, you can contact the establishment directly before going.

I accidentally deposit wrong amount, how can I fix it?

  • For amount less than the total invoice – customer shall make the additional payment. Item/s will be put on hold first. Once balance is paid, we will include the item/s on the next scheduled shipment.

  • For amount more than the total invoice – we will deduct the excess payment on your next order.

Can I pay via Cebuana, LBC and other remittance centers?

  • No. We only accept BDO, BPI and GCASH for faster and easier verification of payments. 

Do you accept COD / Cash on delivery?

  • We do not accept COD or cash on delivery.

What is your policy on warranty, returns and exchange?

  • Upon receiving the item, we give customer 24 - 48 hours (1 - 2 days) to check if there are any defects (factory defects and damage caused by shipping only) on the item/s purchased. Claims raised within this time period are still subjected for review if valid. If confirmed valid, we then provide options to best resolve the issue. If we do not hear any concerns within this time period, it is acknowledged that item/s received are in good condition and there are no issues to be resolved.

  • Please note that after 24 - 48 hours (1 - 2 days), there is no way for us to check if any mishandling or extreme force was applied to the item/s that may cause any damage to it.

  • Change of mind – This is not covered on this policy. Customers are free to ask everything (material, estimated size, color, etc.) before deciding to purchase the item. It is also stated on top of the order form to submit only if you are 100% sure on getting the item.

  • Mishandling on customer part – This is not covered on this policy. Please take note that our items are small, fragile and require much care when used. Any external factor on customer side that may cause the damage is already beyond our control. This also includes damages that may incur in optical shops before, during or after lens replacement.

What if I receive the wrong item?

  • Please message us as soon as you receive the package for us to fix it.


IMPORTANT: Above Terms, Condition & FAQ are applicable for online purchases only. Item/s bought at physical stores shall follow Terms, Condition & FAQ of the physical store where item/s were bought.

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